Interview on the Low Vision Bureau Podcast

We, the Blinkie Chicks, would like to thank Alvaro Gutierrez for interviewing us for the Low Vision Bureau podcast. We had a blast chatting with, and getting to know Alvaro, and as our projects are similar, we look forward to possible future collaborations.

Alvaro Gutierrez, the founder of Low Vision Bureau, created the site to build a community of blind and visually impaired people and to hopefully improve the status of blind and low vision individuals in societies worldwide. Alvaro lives in Columbia, but hopes to find a job in the United States helping blind and low vision individuals. He is constantly seeking new individuals to interview on his podcast, as well as to collaborate with on the goals of Low Vision Bureau.

Check out the Low Vision Bureau website, and interact with Alvaro on Twitter.

If you haven’t heard our interview yet, please click here to hear our interview on the Low Vision Bureau Podcast. Additionally, you may check out the blog post Alvaro wrote to accompany the interview.

We appreciate all the support; thanks for reading!

Our Introduction

Jessica, Ashley and I (Daria), also known as BlinkieChicks, met at different times in our lives. I have known Jessica since I was ten years old. (Wow, we go way back). We attended the Governor Morehead School for the Blind. We met Ashley through twitter, in Winter of 2012. Jessica and I kepy tweeting her about how nice it would be when she came to UNC Pembroke. We could not wait to meet her and her guide dog Landon.
In August, she became a student at UNC Pembroke, and we started hanging out at each other’s dorms. We hung out with one another just about every chance we got.
I say this to point out that, one day In November, Jessica and I were hanging out in Ashley’s suite, and we came up with the idea of creating a twitter account for the three of us. We also wanted to create a Spreaker account, so that we could post podcasts of our presentations.
We decided to call ourselves BlinkieChicks. “Blinkie” is used as a slang term for a blind person. We have used (and still do use) this term in playful ways. For example, one of us may say something silly, and another of us might respond with “Silly blinkie.” Anyway, when we created our twitter account, we did not know what to say in our bio. We didn’t even know exactly why we created it. All we knew was that we wanted to create an account that kepy the blind community updated on different happenings that took place. Also, we updated our community about apps that may or may not have been accessible.
This past Tuesday, Jessica, Ashley, and I had a discussion via skype about the direction in which BlinkieChicksb should go. One thing we noticed was that our biography did not match what we were actually doing, which was presenting to the public, making podcasts, etc. Our biography said that we’re three college students who love Starbucks and Apple products, but we rarely tweeted about those things. When we first started, not everyone was fully active. Now, we will be, and this blog is one of the ways in which all of us will contribute. Nice to meet you, dear reader!!! Pease, don’t be a stranger.