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OS X: Basic Editing with iMovie for VoiceOver Users

As very much a beginner herself, Jessica hopes that this video will assist others in figuring out iMovie. Geared to keyboard users of all types, this video will guide you through starting a new project, importing video, inserting clips, editing clips, attaching Titles, exporting projects, and more. Enjoy!

Skype for Windows Tutorial

New to using Skype for Windows? Let Ashley guide you through the setup process, and basic usability with the free NVDA screen reader.

Setting up iPhone with VoiceOver

We received a request to demonstrate the iOS setup process with VoiceOver. As it turns out, our friend Daniel just couldn’t resist joining in on the fun. He says recording and editing videos was more challenging than he expected. Enjoy!

Broadcasting on the Mac

In this video, Jessica demonstrates how she successfully broadcasts on the mac. This is useful if you’re interested in joining an internet radio station, or if you want to start your own stream.

iOS Tips: Alert Management

In this video, Jessica demonstrates managing notification settings, using Do Not Disturb, and blocking and unblocking callers.

Alt Text on Social Media

In this video, Jessica demonstrates accessing Facebook’s automatic alt text feature on iOS with VoiceOver, and adding and using the image description feature on Twitter. Although there are pros and cons to both approaches, they’re both a great step to making social media more accessible for all!

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